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Film Trailer for a bout de souffle from Jean Luc Godard. 

Manon Bellet taught our Saturday morning French class in Spring 2016 at L'Union Française. She was a talented teacher and I felt I was learning a lot from her. She was well-prepared and her assignments were interesting as well as instructional. I still consult our classwork to reinforce what she prepared for us.

— Susanne, student at Union Française
I've been a student of Manon Bellet in a class setting and a private-tutor session. I appreciate that she is talented and creative, and that she comes to class prepared.  She takes pride in her work and she cares about the success of her students.  I've enjoyed learning from Manon in general, more than just the french language but also the connection to a person with a genuine persona.

— Kevin, former student at Union Française

Based on my experience with Manon, I can say without the shadow of a doubt that she was one of the most naturally talented teacher with whom I have had the opportunity to work as a school’s academic director. Her background in the creative arts contributes immensely to a broader communication of sophisticated concepts in language and culture.

— Carmen, teacher at Union Française

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